It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument. Join us for fun, exciting, and enjoyable Adult music lessons at Carver School of Rock.


Carver School of Rock is the ideal choice for adult music lessons on the South Shore. Whether you are a working professional looking blow-off some steam, a college student looking for a new adventure, a senior citizen looking to finally learn that song that you love, a parent that wants to sign up for their own lessons while their child is taking their class  or a music hobbyist focused on improving their musicianship, Carver School of Rock will strike the right chord.

We have private lesson rooms with one-on-one, easy to follow instruction designed to go at your speed. Our staff of experienced music instructors understand the challenges facing adult students to help you achieve your goals. Weekly private lessons are 30 minutes long at a cost of $25/session.


The best rock-n-rollers today are well-seasoned. Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones belted out instant classics in the 60s, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was already thrashing his guitar in the 70s, and Geddy Lee of Rush rocked the bass to a new level in the 80s. After all this time, they’re still movin’ and groovin’ along with some of the greatest bands of all time.

Learning how to play an instrument helps you better deal with stress and stimulate your brain. It's has been shown to strengthen long-term memory. It’s even a great skill to have when impressing a date.

Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Lessons
Never picked up a guitar before? Desperately seeking your inner rock star? This is for you!

In our adult guitar lessons, you’ll learn all the basics with songs you love:

  • how to tune your guitar

  • change your strings

  • keep a steady rhythm

  • learning chords and notes


We have lesson time options especially reserved for adults, ranging from morning and early afternoon times, to later evening times. Start today! Call 508-866-8181 to book the best time for you.


Once you’re comfortable you can even join our Adult Jam Nights and capture the feeling of playing live on stage without any of the pressures.

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