EASY AS 1-2-3


1- Call Doug for Initial Demo. You will start playing immediately. Doug can assess which teacher and level would be best for them specifically. Then just complete your simple registration form and payment and you're ready to rock.


2- Meet with your teacher, set some goals, pick some songs and set a convenient time for your weekly 1/2 hour lesson.


3- Start learning and playing your favorite songs immediately! Soon you'll be playing live on stage at

Carver School of Rock's own fully equipped stage.


No more excuses. Carver School of Rock makes it easy to start at any age. You just need to want to learn your instrument and bring it to your lessons and we'll take it from there.
You'll start working on songs that you know and love immediately in this new innovative way of teaching music that has inspired hundreds of other musicians before you over the last 15 years.
Start Today. Call Doug at 508-866-8181!

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