Kid Bangham: The Rock n Roll Journey

Before he created Carver School of Rock, Kid Bangham had a long history of making music with some of the largest names in the business. As the lead guitarist for the American Blues Rock "Fabulous Thunderbirds" group, (of "Tuff Enuff" Hit Fame), Kid played sold out arenas all around the globe. He played in bands with B.B.King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmie Vaughn, Edgar Winter, Bob Dylan and more. See some of his videos.

Doug got his stage name, "Kid", from the members of his first big time recording band, Harold and the Bluetones. He was the youngest one in the group and the nickname "Kid" stuck.

Now he runs one of the most successful music schools in the area, bringing his love for music and stage performance to music students everyday.

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