Fun and Easy to Start

Carver School of Rock has a great staff of music instructors who love kids. We teach all the most popular instruments so your kids can play in the school band or start a band with their friends. Our instructors are available every day of the week. After school? On weekends?


Carver School of Rock will have an selected instructor that fits you and your child’s availability. Plus, we have annual live performances, like Stagefest, where our students build a living example of the benefits of learning and sharing music. Kids can gain performance experience in a safe environment with other music students on our own stage complete with a professional lighting and sound system.


Weekly private lessons are 30 minutes long at a cost of $25/session. Lessons are yours to explore. You can work on guitar and vocals or piano and vocals in the same lesson. Any combination for the same low price. Advance notice may be necessary though.


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